Menus & Serving Ideas

Co-op members are always coming up with creative ways to enjoy Co-op products.  Of course Co-op jams, marmalades and preserves are delicious on toast or in a peanut butter sandwich, but have you considered spooning a little plum jam on your sauteed Brussels sprouts?  Or using the nectarine basil jam, warmed, as a sauce on shortbread?  Send me your innovative and flavorful concepts by commenting on a page, and it will be shared here. Pepper Lemon Tequila Jelly from Jeff:  “I used it on Chicken and Jalapeno empanadas.  As I’m cutting down on bread, the idea of using the jellies as a glaze or condiment for protein (chicken, pork etc) or vegetables appeals to me. It could even be an ingredient in salad dressing. Or with oatmeal and berries in the morning. I don’t ever have pancakes, but that would be a good alternative to the traditional toppings.” from Lee: “OMG.. i made bruschetta as dinner last nite with some cold chicken and we drizzle warmed co-op pepper, lemon &tequila jelly over them… un-freaking-believable ! make more of this jelly pleeeeease” from Shan: Just re-reading this email in which Susan details her method for handling hot peppers and remembering a time in my mid-20s when I had a trip to Santa Fe. There I bought a beautiful string of those ubiquitous red chilies. After I had them hanging in my kitchen for awhile as they dried, I decided that grinding them up into chili powder would make nice Christmas gifts. WELL, I put them in the blender and got beautiful rusty-red spice powder. But when I quickly took the top off, the chili dust flew into my nose and eyes. It took hours and buckets of tears to calm that down! Not having dealt with chilies that didn’t come in bottles or cans before, this was quite a life lesson. But the little bottles of powder were indeed welcomed by the recipients.

Pepper Lemon Tequila Jelly / Satsuma Bourbon marmalade / Preserved Lemons from Shan: “I took 3 preserves to a lunch party: the Pepper Tequila Jelly was served with Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese–mild, rich brie type; Satsuma bourbon marmalade was served with boucheron cheese–a tangier, rich goat cheese; lemon pickles were chopped and piled in the middle of hommus  and slices of fresh mint sprinkled around the edges. Lavosh rectangles scooped it up. It was a big hit! One guest contemplated moving to the neighborhood and starting a garden :o)” Co-op fruit preserves from Lee: “also recently made ice-cream sundaes and warmed some of the co-op preserves for toppings along with the “usuals” of chocolate sauce & macerated berries, placed the warmed preserves on split plain’ cake’ donuts from Randy’s Donut (was heading back from LAX.. so why not?) then topped with the ice-creams & syrup & berries – no complaints in my home! Spiced Orange Slices (some batches had bourbon) from Lee: “I swirled the satsuma & bourbon preserves into pecan brownie-cups for the 4th of July.” Guava Syrup from Shan: “I poured some over fresh chevre.”


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