Links, other organizations, info   CSA   food services for corporations, colleges and specialty venues, Bon Appetit Mgmt.Co  consumer response to aggressive government actions against farmers   master gardener volunteer training program, community garden assistance, workshops and seeds, school garden consultants     gardening helpline: (323)260-3238  email:    seed library of Los Angeles  lifetime membership of $10 entitles you to no-cost seeds that do well in our region   school food procurement  The California Endowment    doorstep delivery service for local produce    These people rescue and relocate honeybees to environments where they thrive.  Call them instead of the exterminator, (800) 476-6105  The Cool Foods Campaign, guide to reduce global warming through food choices  school garden and nutrition education  Farmer Veteran Coalition  Center for Science in the Public Interest consumer health group, October 24, 2011   audits and certifies family farms  This one is GOLD!  Download home canning info!  has workshops, classes and field trips relating to our Southern California produce, and how to prepare it


2 thoughts on “Links, other organizations, info

  1. I live in the north Woodland Hills area. We have two trees, one a pomagranite and the other a persimin. They are both loaded with fruit. I have called several food banks in the area offering the fruit to them if they could just have someone come out and pick it (nothing needed back-strictly a donation) but have not heard back from any of them. Do you know any group who would be interested?

    • Yes! There is a group called Food Forward that will harvest your trees, and then make sure all the fruit goes to local food pantries and groups in need for immediate distribution. They are one of tho most inspiring groups I have ever encountered, and people can also sign up to be volunteer gleaners, which is a lot of fun. I was fortunate to hear Meg Glasser on a community food panel at the Good Food Festival & Conference a couple of weeks ago. They will certainly call you right back! Here is the contact info:
      7412 Fulton Ave #3, North Hollywood, CA 91605

      OFFICE LINE: 818.764.1022 (M- F, 10 – 6)

      L.A. FRUIT LINE (fruit donation line) : 818.530.4125

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