A Bounty of Backyard Fruit / Grapefruit Marmalade Rule of 6

Although my sister Martha had already given me an enormous bag of juicy, sweet pink grapefruit from her tree, she told me that ‘it barely made a dent, you have to come pick more!’  So today I went out with a large cache of reusable bags plus my biggest laundry basket, and came home with a carful of pink grapefruit, limes and lemons.  My niece Emily took the lead and filled bags and even loaded them in my car, and I estimate I’ve got about 130 pounds.  We’re going to share the grapefruit fresh, so the Co-op basket is loaded with the first grapefruit distribution now.IMG_4410

Preserving options are marmalade and also candied grapefruit peel.  Be careful using grapefruit in a mixed fruit marmalade – it overwhelms everything else.  I’ve found it is better to just make a simple grapefruit marmalade using the marmalade rule of 6: cook 6 cups of prepared fruit in 6 cups of water, let sit for about 6 hours, then measure out 6 cups of cooked fruit mixture, bring to a boil and add 6 cups of sugar.  Bring to a gel stage (about 20 minutes) then can and process 10 minutes.

We’ll salt some of the lemons and limes for Moroccan preserved citrus.  In addition to adding this to stews and couscous, it is also a welcome addition to a winter boiled meal of potatoes and greens.  Boil new potatoes, add any sort of greens you like for the last 15 minutes along with minced preserved lemon.  It not only perks up the cooked greens with a citrus brighness, it adds the salt the dish needs.


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