Persimmon harvest in the Bay Area

Tim and I were invited by an old friend to harvest some of her family’s Fuyu persimmons for the Co-op.  Despite filling 6 bags, about 75 pounds of fruit, I estimate we harvested less than 10% of this one tree’s persimmons.  This family also shared their sweet, juicy Valencia oranges.  Again, this is a fantastic micro-climate for fruit.  (Google: plant an orchard!)1114131451aThe Bay Area has many of these persimmon trees, as they do really well in the climate there.  Here in Los Angeles, Eagle Rock and Glendale have the most persimmon trees, from my unofficial tally.  This sumptuous fruit only appears for a couple of months once a year, so Co-op members are enjoying them fresh as we contemplate making chutney.  (The Fuyu can be eaten when firm, like an apple, and are not astringent like the Hachiya which must be soft-ripe.) Meanwhile, I dried some of them, and they are fantastic. I don’t have a dehydrator so I used my oven, set at 170, the lowest setting. I sliced a bit off the end, then into 1/4″ slices and placed on a baker’s cooling rack on a baking sheet. 1119131804a 1119131804e 1119131813a 1119131810 After 5 hours, I switched the pan positions, and after another 5 hours, took them out.  That is a total of 10 hours in the oven at the lowest setting.  Now we’ll be able to have persimmons in April – if I can successfully squirrel these delish morsels away!


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