Lots of Loquats

IMG_4660You can find a loquat tree in nearly every neighborhood in Los Angeles.  All the trees are bearing heavily this year, perhaps in response to the drought conditions.  Sadly, much of this fruit will end up in green cans for green waste management, as there are more than even our hungry squirrels and raccoons can eat.  But you can harvest and preserve this local crop, with just a little effort.  Loquat fruits are mostly seed and not very juicy, but once cooked they do have a delightful subtle flavor, evoking almonds (from the seeds) and roses.  Thanks to Co-op members and a dear friend of the Co-op, Nadine, for the loquat harvest.  Nadine invited us to harvest her loquats, and Cyd (Co-op stalwart) and I went home with not only 50 pounds of loquats but armfuls of blooming iris and lilies from Nadine’s wonderful Hollywood Hills mediterranean garden.  The best of Hollywood!

Look for recipes and step by step instructions here soon for loquat jelly as well as pickled loquats.IMG_4661



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