Avocados, come and get ’em

Sure our Co-op is mostly about preserving the produce from our gardens, but sometimes, we just share it fresh. And when it comes to avocados, well, a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice is perfection for my family.  That is how we will enjoy our family avocado when it is ready – how will you enjoy yours?  Come pick up your avocado, and thanks to Mia for donating these! There are still jars of pepper jelly in the basket as well.

Mia’s avocado harvest


Tip: Cyd looked into his neighbor’s yard and saw pomegranates littering the ground.  He asked his neighbor about it, and the neighbor had no interest in or use for the fruit.  Helpful Cyd harvested it for him – and for the Co-op.  Look around, and if you see this sort of situation, ask. There are other people in the Co-op that can help with harvesting, too.


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