A cooler day is perfect for making that pepper jelly

Several Co-op member had dropped off peppers, and of course Jackie G dropped off the hardworking lemons. A bag of sugar was waiting, thanks to Marina. All indicators point to Co-op pepper jelly! Except it has just been too blazing hot, even by LA standards, to consider this project. But lo, Wednesday morning LaLaLand woke to a cool marine layer, gray and soft as cashmere, a welcome respite. Naturally my thoughts turned to pepper jelly! Because Marina grows some incendiary devices masquerading as peppers, and Kristin dropped off some super fruity but not without assertion peppers, I decided to be cautious. HazMat-style. I had set aside a picee of Tim’s zucchini, for visual and textural interest. Using 1/2 cup of juice from Jackie G’s lemons, along with 2 1/2 cups of vinegar, 12 cups of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, I finely diced 2 cups of peppers, including what was about 1/4 cups diced zucchini. Although we don’t use it often, this time liquid Certo, commercial pectin, had the gelling – or jellying – responsibility. When dealing with this amount of air-borne capsaicin it is better to shorten the process, and commercial pectin reduces the cooking time exponentially. It is a bit of a crap shoot when using a mix of peppers, but this one turned out nice for everyone, as it does have some heat, but not unpleasantly so. And a dab of this on a smear of cream cheese topping a cracker? Just so good…


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