Nectarines and sweet basil, the lemons introduced them

Cyd harvested nectarines from a friend’s garden, just north of Mulholland.  He also brought over a bouquet of fresh basil, and Jackie G dropped off a bag of her superb lemons.  OK, that’s a jam right there in the basket.  The nectarines were chopped, the lemons were prepared in the new standard Co-op method (scrub, take off 1/4″ slice from each end and discard, then halve, core, seed and cut each half into thirds, then slice as thinly as humanly -where is that darn robot?-possible) and the chopped fruit was brought to a boil with stalks of fresh basil, and is now maturing and softening.  In about 8 hours, we will add sugar ( 1 c sugar to 2 cups of chopped fruit), bring to a boil to reach gel stage, then can.  Because we left the peel on the nectarines and used the whole lemon, the pectin is already there.  Plus, the only thing that goes into compost are the tips of the sliced lemons, as the nectarine pits will be dried and filed in the Co-op seed library.The aroma is delicious.

Local, organically grown nectarines, basil and lemons (the orange did not make the preserving list)

so happy together; nectarines, basil and lemons



2 thoughts on “Nectarines and sweet basil, the lemons introduced them

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  2. i warmed this nectarine/lemon/basil jam and spooned it on a split short cake biscuit that i baked, then put a dollop of marscarpone on the the other half of the short cake and spooned on slices of peaches warmed in a bit of butter and light brown sugar…topped it all with some toasted pecans.

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