Golden beet and rapini seeds, harvested this morning

Inspector General Lucy the Cat guards the Co-op’s harvest

In addition to another bumper crop of blooming catnip, some golden beets and rapini that were well gone to seed were harvested this morning.

 It is a little unclear as to whether this is rapini, leggy broccoli, or something else but I did sample one of the small leaves and it tastes like something from that family of crudiferous vegetables.  Having known the man who planted these, it is probably rapini. Our Co-op seed library is growing!  They are in the Co-op basket, help yourself to some for your garden’s sunny spot, and let us know what you think they are! By the end of August we should know for sure.  And the catnip? Destined to be dried for more catnip toys…

Gone to seed: golden beet and rapini (?)


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