Yeah, it is gettin’ busy! Peaches, apricots; and have you seen any plums?

Barnaby dropped off a bag of aromatic white peaches from a backyard in North Hollywood, and Mimi dropped off a bag of local San Fernando valley apricots, along with some lemons and her sweet oranges (the inspiration for our Co-op Spiced Oranges).

The background that is a tea towel with a map of the Paris Metro.

We are gearing up for all the stone fruits, but it looks like Don’s Santa Rosa plum tree is taking the year off.  His Blenheim apricot tree has just a minimal crop as well.  Be on the lookout for apricot and plum trees, as when these are producing, it is prodigious.  Let your friends or neighbors know they can avoid filling their green cans, staining their driveways and sidewalks, and deter unwelcome wildlife (coyotes) by harvesting the fruit promptly. The Co-op will send people to harvest for them – and they will receive some nice preserves to enjoy year-round.  Win, win!


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