Mission figs, we preserve a local treasure

ImageCyd convinced a nearby neighbor with a fig tree to donate the fruit, and we preserved this within 24 hours of harvest.  We ended up with 28 cups of fresh chopped Mission figs.  Adding fresh whole seeded and cored thinly sliced lemons for acidity and brandy for a flavor punch, these relatively dry figs, which were not suitable for eating out of hand, became a seductively succulent very good fig preserve.   This was a lesson learned: dry or less than desirable fruit may be rescued with the proper cooking techniques and combination of ingredients.  Often we come across home-grown stone fruits, such as nectarines, that are dry and flavorless.  Don’t put this in your green bin!  (The Co-op will save you!)  With the addition of a little acid to balance and an element to enhance the inherent flavor, this can be a wonderful preserve or jam.  For details, please see the recipe tab.  It is simple: fruit, lemon or other citrus, a little water for these drier figs, a pinch of salt, sugar (the ratio is about 3 cups sugar to 4 cups of fruit), and a little brandy or juice.  This cooked in under an hour, and then was canned for 10 minutes. And that, on top of the little jar?

ImageThat’s a preview of coming attractions, a white peach just harvested from a back yard in North Hollywood.  These are juicy and sweet, so all we need to do is capture this lovely flavor!


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