Pineapple Sage – a delicate herbal syrup

Shan shared her gorgeous pineapple sage with the Co-op, and today Jocelyn came over to help catch this glorious flavor in a syrup.  We simply infused the whole leaves and flowers in a boiling 1:1 sugar syrup.  Use this as a base for a variety of drinks; add sparkling water for a fresh take on soda, to iced tea for a fruity twist, and also in cocktails, perhaps with rum and fresh limes.  To keep the flavor bright, this was never re-heated, so store this syrup in the refrigerator.  If the Co-op likes this, we will make more syrups with other herbs we are growing, such as mint.  If you make this, here is a tip from Jocelyn:  stack the freshly washed leaves and then roll them tightly to insert them into the bottle.  You will get more leaves in your syrup this way, for more flavor.


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