Mulberries and Satsumas, ready for us to harvest – need help

A friend of the Co-op in nearby Sherman Oaks just called to tell me his mulberry tree is loaded and the Satsumas are ripe! He has generously offered the Co-op all we can pick, and also suggested we come back in two weeks to pick the second batch when ripe.  Mulberries!!!  This prized delicate and very perishable fruit can be used in preserves, pies, cordials, and wines – and as to the last, I have some personal experience.  When I was 8 or so, I found an old book on American wine-making on the family bookshelf.  There was a recipe for mulberry wine, and I had found a mulberry tree in the neighborhood.  I used a clean peanut butter jar, filled it with mulberries and a spoon of sugar, and put it under the kitchen sink.  It exploded, fortunately not in too dramatic a fashion, but clearly demonstrating the carbon dioxide production capability of common yeast.  Mulberry wine might happen, but mulberry jelly, jam and a mulberry cordial most certainly will occur.  We have free access to the back yard, and I have a ladder.  If you are interested, or have a nimble child to enlist, please email me and we will set up a date for a Co-op harvest.  Thanks, Sasha M.!!!


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