An abundant kumquat harvest / keep local wildlife wild, harvest your fruit

Thanks to Nora, a friend of the Co-op, for introducing us to the owner of these trees.   She generously offered to share the fruit with the Co-op.  In April 21, 2012  LA Times Saturday section there was an article about the importance of keeping unwanted wildlife out of your yard and garden.  The very first tip was to start by harvesting ripe and fallen fruit.  This interrupts the food chain, as the rats that are eating your oranges are attracting coyotes,  a predator that is especially unwelcome if you have cats or small dogs.  When I climbed up the ladder to harvest these kumquats this morning, the roof had evidence of rats, with droppings as well as the inner orbs of the kumquats, which are sour unlike the sweet peel.  So if you have neighbors with unharvested fruit trees, please let them know about the Co-op.  We will come harvest the fruit, and afterwards gift you with jars of our preserves.   Let’s keep this beautiful local produce out of the green cans and put it back into our kitchens and on our families’ tables!


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