Co-op is making catnip toys, courtesy of Don’s catnip crop

Don is not just a supporter of the Co-op since Day One, he is one of the reasons I formed the Nichols Canyon Co-op.  He has both a Santa Rosa plum and a Blenheim apricot tree, and when the fruit was ripe, there was more than any one family could use.  Unless they preserved it!  Don has both a dedication to the neighborhood as well as a generous, communal nature, so the first Co-op products were Santa Rosa plum jams and jellies.  Madge brought over her mother’s jelly straining apparatus, Marina dropped off some canning jars, and Linda (the heart of the Co-op) showed up with apron on and ready to pitch in.  Soon Lee dropped off a bag of sugar, Jackie G had some unbelievable lemons (really, we will take more photos, these are amazing), Mary had a bag of Bearss limes, Shan had some passion fruit in her backyard (creating a sensation!) and Cyd joined letting us know that this is how he wanted to live.  Friends and neighbors have joined in, providing the Co-op with invaluable expertise (Jocelyn, one of LA’s premier pastry chefs), hard-to-find fruits (Beata, finding both Concord grapes and Mission figs, then climbing the tree/arbor to harvest), and the most wonderful appreciative support.  There is nothing like having a pre-schooler (hi Noah) tell you that he wants your marmalade on his toast!

Today Don gifted the Co-op with his backyard crop, which included a funky-smelling mint.  I thought this was catnip or catmint, but left it to Lucy the Cat to confirm.  It is (note slightly blurry pic).  So, the Co-op will harvest Don’s catmint, dry it, and then sew it into cat toys.  My plan is that we donate some of these cat toys to Cat Rescue organizations, as Don is an excellent gardener so we have an abundant harvest.  Thank you, Don!


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