Tim, a major supporter of the Co-op from Day One, and I were walking around Silverlake, checking on the nesting ardeids (herons / egrets) at the reservoir, and we came upon this tree.  Yes, I did pick a fruit and sample to confirm – the elusive Rangpur lime!!  Perhaps you have seen this in a friend or neighbor’s garden?  Let them know that we know how to transform what they might think are simply sour tangerines into something delicious.

Then, when I got home, there was a lovely bag of lemons in the Co-op basket, and among the fruits was one that maybe only a Co-op could love, but it sure looked like a heart to me.  Thank you!  I heart Co-op!


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    • We saw an adult standing on a nest, clearly visible, and another adult or perhaps a pair, crouching, that appeared to be feeding the young, since periodically little heads popped up. Two weeks ago we were able to see more birds, but there is clearly a commmunity there, sometimes we can see more adults. They are in the tall eucalyptus trees on the opposite side of the reservoir park remodeling.

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