Candied ginger and walnut praline – vegan candy

While we were making a batch of passion fruit preserves with fruit Shan had frozen, I had also started a pan of candied ginger.  I had boiled the ginger to soften it,then was slowly cooking it with sugar and a little of the ginger cooking water. As long as I was in the kitchen and had an available burner, this is a fairly undemanding procedure.  We ended up doing both passion fruit preserves as well as jelly, and the ginger went a little long in the pan.  When Marina was placing the pieces on a rack, she looked at the leftover crystallizing cooking syrup in the pan and said, “this looks like candy”.  It looked like praline, as it was firm and grainy.  She had the brilliant notion to put some walnuts in it and spread it, so we reheated it to soften and partially liquefy with the walnuts, then spread it on a greased cookie sheet. When Shan, who is not a praline fan, tried it and pronounced it delicious, we knew we had a winner.  The little pieces of spicy ginger mingle nicely with the more neutral flavor and crunch of the nuts, both of which keep this from being cloyingly sweet.   Plus, since we never used cream or butter, just long slow cooking of sugar (and ginger), this is a vegan treat.  Next time, we’ll make more!


2 thoughts on “Candied ginger and walnut praline – vegan candy

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  2. This is my second day appraisal of the vegan “praline”: I do think a much higher ratio of nuts to sugar syrup would be good. After trying some of the “praline” the next day when it had dried more, I found graininess less appealing, almost like eating flavored sugar. Maybe that’s where some cream or milk or butter would be helpful. I still like the ginger walnut combination a lot, though. Maybe it would be worth an experiment with coconut or rice milk or margarine… something non-dairy but with a fat content.

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