Wow! You like me, you really like me (my Lemon Pucker-Up cookies, that is)

I served these cookies to some Co-op members, and then brought them to a dinner party recently.  Because you all like them so much and asked me for the recipe, here it is!  Go to the ‘recipes’ tab and scroll down to #8.  I am a bit proud of this recipe, because you can add lots of butter, sugar, eggs and/or chocolate (not that there is anything wrong with that!) to many recipes and make something really tasty, but to make something relatively heart-healthy and calorie-conscious, well, that can be more challenging.  These are crunchy, satisfying, and have a nice lemon one-two punch,  Keeping some of these ready to bake in the ‘fridge, to have warm cookies in 15 minutes, not a bad idea!


2 thoughts on “Wow! You like me, you really like me (my Lemon Pucker-Up cookies, that is)

  1. Hi Shan, yes the site is in French, and it is an ebay site. Some of the items are simply sold and some are auctioned – maybe I just found it an an opportune time. I understand that these are all local products, from Madagascar. I got a great deal on superbly fresh spices, so maybe it is a site to periodically check back, to see what is offered and the prices (which may fluctuate).
    I think the Co-op is ready to use your passion fruit pulp and shells. Funny, I was just telling another preserver about the amazing qualities of passion fruit shells, and she had no idea! She is from the UK, where passion fruit is routinely and regularly sold for 1/6 the price of our LA big markets, even though it can be grown here and not there. As much as she had used passion fruit, she had no inkling of the pectin value of the shells. I have to thank some generous preservers in Australia /New Zealand for sharing their knowledge.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I’m definitely trying the cookies–anything with corn meal is heaven to me.
    Any chance of getting a more detailed recipe for Marina’s pickles?–Proportions of salt to water, garlic, dill? I want to try it with Persian pickles and see how that works. There are some at the farmer’s market in Hollywood lately.

    Also, I just went to the Madagascar Vanilla site, but got very confused. I speak no French, so that didn’t help. It’s apparently an EBay auction site? Which kind did you buy? Is it your understanding that it’s all from the same place?

    Thanks for keeping this up. I still have lots of passion fruit & their shells in the freezer.

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