Sometimes it takes a Serbian mama to make the perfect pickle

And we are very fortunate to have a wonderful cook with a Serbian mama in the Co-op.  Marina, the Co-op loves you! First, I wanted Henry to try these, and he said they are as good as Gus’s pickles on the lower East Side.Henry, I have to say, we share the same standards, as Gus’s pickles are simply the best I have ever had.  (Note: pickled green tomatoes such as Gus had in a barrel on Orchard Street, those are on our to-do list.) And today our littlest Co-op- er, Noah, dropped by and he tried the pickles and liked them!

and they are delicious

We love that he is a fan of our Co-op marmalade too.

this little guy, I melt!

So it is official, the Co-op will be making pickles using Marina’s mama’s method of cold brining in salt water with a slice of bread on top.  I have the gallon jar, but we can also use my big glass vases and even my punch bowl – just a big glass container.  But what we need are the cucumbers, so anyone with an available sunny spot in your yard, please consider planting a couple of hills of pickling cucumbers.   We will also be using dill and garlic, so some of you might plant those as well.  Dill grows wonderfully here, garlic I am not so certain, but Kristin did grow some fabulous sweet red onions last year.  (We used them in a spicy jelly with some of Mimi and Marina’s peppers.)  Our citrus crop is fantastic, and we will be making several more batches of marmalade.

an abundance of citrus, a bounty of marmalade

Many of us love a ginger marmalade, but we can do more combinations – what are your suggestions, and what are you growing?  I also want to give a shout-out to Simon, who told me about his bread baking method using a cast iron pot and a super hot oven.

whole wheat bread, baked in a cast iron pot

What a lovely way to enjoy our marmalade!  I am so on-board with this, check out the results.

Can you believe this is whole wheat bread? thanks, Simon!

And this is all about the method, as the recipe is just flour, water, yeast and a little salt.  The family is enjoying this very much.  As my son Sam (who took these photos) says, mommy, there is really nothing quite like fresh baked bread.  ‘I second that emotion!’

(The Temptations song “I second that emotion” is a pun on Roberts Rules of Order.)

2012 is going to be a banner year for the Co-op!



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