Co-op welcomes 2012 with pickles and marmalade

Day 2, and these pickles are looking good.  Marina, we cannot wait to try these!   I was so intrigued by Marina’s brining method that I started some green beans.  The green beans are brined, but 1/2 cup of vinegar is added to the salt water brine.  Thanks to Mary’s compelling description of our Co-op, we were gifted with about 7 dozen large, ripe and juicy Meyer lemons from Shawn D on Mulholland, around the corner.  Top preserver Linda and Mary came over to the Co-op test kitchen and we made two batches of Meyer lemon Ginger Marmalade.  The first batch used 5 cups of lemons to 1 cup of ginger ( the fruit is cooked with 6 cups of water until tender, then we add 6 cups of sugar to reach gel stage), and the second batch used 2 cups of ginger to 4 cups of lemons, the one described in the recipe published.


The three of us are ginger aficionados, so we were just cleaning the pot with a spoon.  Yum…

But I really do have to put out a special thanks to my family, and especially my husband Josh, who gave me another set of my favorite Kyocera knives at Christmas.

Meyer lemon Ginger Marmalade two ways - 1/5 and 2/4 - with the Kyocera knives

These knives make the work time fly by, as they are simply the best knives I have ever used.  Many nights the family comes home to a counter covered in jam pots and fruit and a table laden with Co-op jars.  Marmalade is not a dinner for these growing lads, but they are so supportive that an omelet works just fine.  Lucky me.


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