Co-op to welcome the New Year with pickles

Although we did not grow these ourselves – yet – a locally owned market had pickling cucumbers priced at 3 lbs. for $1.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, as not only are pickling cucumbers only sporadically available and this is a ridiculously good price, we are set to make pickles.  I made my own pickles last year, and the last jar is shown here.

Before and after: Co-op pickling division starts up

We will probably use the canning technique, or hot water, rather than a brining technique.  Because it has been even warm for Los Angeles in December with no rain in sight, I don’t think we have a cool enough place for these to brine.  If you have tips for growing cucumbers in our area, please share them!  The project begins tomorrow afternoon at Co-op HQ (aka my house) around 2.


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