For your Thanksgiving consideration, LA style

Shan’s passion fruit, a couple of Mimi’s oranges, and Trader Joes cranberries; this combo turns out to be greater than the sum of these three simple parts. (Well, and sugar, of course!)  I already had some strained passion fruit juice and cooked pulp (for the pectin) in the fridge.  To 2 cups of passion fruit juice and 1/2 cup of prepared pulp, add 1 tbsp. orange zest and about a cup of orange juice.  You will add a little water, swishing out the measuring cup after each passion fruit measurement. This will be about 3 2/3 cup of liquid in all.   Add a bag of fresh cranberries, and 5 cups of sugar.  Boil to gel stage, about 45 minutes, then can and process for 10 minutes.  This one will be a new favorite, trust me.  These passion fruit are major culinary inspiration.



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