Pomegranates: Persephone’s jelly

So Dante Gabriel Rossetti, in addition to having the most fantastic name, is my go-to Pre-Raphaelite.  Sir Edward Burne-Jones, top of the charts for me as well, but for your reference, here is Jane Morris as Persephone.  Barnaby dropped off a bag of large, heavy and gloriously ripe pomegranates from their backyard tree, not in Hades but North Hollywood, which, in fairness, also gets quite warm.  I wanted just the juice, as the white membrane is bitter, so I cut them in half and used my electric citrus juicer.

Co-op pomegranates, cut in half and juiced

electric citrus juicer works well for juicing pomegranates

I strained the juice as I measured it, to catch any last bits of pith and membrane, and got about 4 1/2 cups of juice, so I added a bit of water and called it 5 cups of juice.

strain the juice for the clearest jelly

This left me with some splendid handfulls of pomegranate pulp, and a spectacular sink.  I thought about tie-dyeing my apron in this, but… next time.

pomegranate pulp, seeds and membranes - too bitter for jelly

5 cups of juice went into the stockpot with 1/2 cup of lemon and lime juice and 7 cups of sugar, then one 3 ounce packet of liquid certo. After boiling hard for one minute, the filled jars were processed for 10 minutes.

leave 1/4" headspace, then process 10 minutes

tip: cover all your cooking surfaces with clean kitchen towels.  I have a pile set aside just for this purpose, and they are bleached and sterilized after every use.  Not only are your cooking surfaces sterile, clean-up is much easier.

covering your work surfaces with towels will make clean-up easier


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