Co-op has a productive work day

Co-op stalwarts Linda L, Marina and Shan came over Sunday for a Co-op workday.  All of our dried mint is now in teabags, and we made Apricot Preserves with some of Don’s Blenheim apricots from July that were frozen.  We also made a batch of the Plum Pepper Jam, this time with the addition of black papper, so it is a savory sweet, and really quite delicious. Linda brought over a bottle of limoncello that she purchased for us to try, and after we tasted it we agreed we will be making this wonderful liqueur. We finished our day by packing lemons in kosher salt for either Indian lemon pickle or Moroccan preserved lemons.  As much as we accomplished, it was an added bonus for us all to spend time together, as this is a delightful group of women.  There will be more Co-op workdays ahead!


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