Co-op has table at a street party, interest is spreading

The Co-op had a table at a street party in the Hollywood Hills yesterday, and Co-op members were harvesting like mad the day before.  Passion fruit, pomegranates, peppers (including Marina’s incendiary Thai peppers) , citrus (starring Jackie G’s famous Ponderosa lemon), chives, rose hips, plums, ginger, and a fragrant array of herbs topped with one of Kristin’s red onions filled our display basket to overflowing.  Shan’s impossibly beautiful passion fruit stumped the crowd, while Barnaby’s pomegranates necessitated the sign that the display items were not samples.  Many many thanks to the very artistic Linda L and Jackie for putting together the display!  Marina’s fresh potted herbs anchored a corner, in which the mama celeriac was just splendid.  We also had a basket of information about other organizations, such as the UCLA Master Gardener program, to illustrate that we also share information and sources. Marina and Jackie G are shown here with Co-op supporter Gail N.  We also handed out samples of our preserves, the Santa Rosa Plum, Meyer Lemon Ginger (the one I developed for Linda L, and I have to say, it is my favorite now too), Meyer Lemon marmalade, and Nichols Canyon organic grape jelly.  Kids really liked the lemon!  So rethink that almond butter sandwich, these kids liked this very intense and lemon-y marmalade.  Cyd told everyone about the Co-op, what we do and our philosophy (in a word, share), and handed out samples right and left.  His enthusiasm is contagious!It was a splendid day, and Ca State Assemblyman Mike Feuer spent some time with us, too.  He is another fan of the Meyer Lemon Ginger marmalade, but also intrigued by our Co-op model, and may be able to help us get the word out to other communities on how to start their own Co-op.  A very special heartfelt thanks to Lee L, who was printing out our Co-op labels with the blog address and contact info at the eleventh hour, finding fresh plums, bringing over baskets and generally keeping me organized.  She is a pillar of the Co-op.  Cyd summed up the Co-op so simply, he told people ‘this is how I want to live.‘  From the reaction of people tasting our preserves and wanting to learn more about the Co-op, this is how many people want to live.


One thought on “Co-op has table at a street party, interest is spreading

  1. super job and a huge kudos to everyone involved – perhaps some our members who live outside of the canyon and hollywood hills.. you studio city folk? sherman oaks folk? culver city folk? silver lake? hancock park? etc… we could ‘spread’ the word on preserving.. sharing… sustainable… responsible directly at your block parties too!

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