Pepper plum preserves

A basket of dead ripe plums  (purchased, I over-bought) and a lipstick red very hot pepper from Mimi  told me they were ready for their close-up.  I introduced them to one of Cyd’s lemons, and an Anaheim chili pepper (purchased) from my own produce bin.  After they mixed it up, I canned the preserves and then tested it on some teenagers, as a spread on French bread in a Black Forest ham sandwich.  It was the healthy uber-pinch of kosher salt in the pot that made this interesting, and next time, I will take a tip from Linda L and add some gracious grinds of fresh black pepper.  All in all, a success.  Sweet, a little spicy, a bit savory, and complex.  Jackie G pronounced it ‘scintillating’.  Approved! So the recipe is posted on the tab, under ‘Pepper Plum Preserves’.


2 thoughts on “Pepper plum preserves

  1. you know we loved this preserve – hope more can be happy to buy ingredients when you might be ready to make up some more…even stop over there to help you – after our brussel sprouts & plum/chili pepper jam side dish the other day , yesterday i did get some nice soft cheese and thin crackers and topped them with this jam and had a glass of pinot noir (perfect for a cool and rainy day..and that snack while i made a beef bourguignon…mona’s recipe for the bourguignon btw…. made for a nice ‘late lunch’ while assembling the bourguignon)

  2. I thought it was wonderful. I’m a bit of a gringa when it comes to chili, though I grew up near the Mexican border. This jam was perfectly tasty without burning.

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