Hot pepper jelly, your thoughts?

I am becoming a bit obsessed with making a hot pepper jelly.  I want it to have that nice pepper flavor and just the right amount of heat, plus some added dimension, that is, not  simply sweet.  So I am looking at one of Mimi’s red peppers that is very hot, and Cyd and Jackie G’s lemons, and a couple of Anaheim chiles I bought.  I think this will use commercial pectin.  The only alternative would be to use lots of apples, of course it would be nice if we could pick some from the Bennington VT campus….  And apple trees here in Los Angeles bear fruit in the spring not the fall.

Your thoughts??


5 thoughts on “Hot pepper jelly, your thoughts?

  1. ANOTHER great hot & peppery jelly from the Co-Op is the Red Onion Pepper Jelly! Last night after making an earthy supper of chanterelle, crimini and brown mushrooms & shallots ‘sweated’ in another batch of the Co-Op recipe for Chive Olive Oil and then finished with a healthy splash of Pinot Grigio that cooked down a wee bit, I then spooned it generously over fingerling potatoes… some cracked pepper & sea salt.. hmmmmm? well i had the idea to start or at least accompany this main course with a “bruschetta” of toasted and brushed with the Chive Olive Oil bread topped with the Red Onion Pepper Jelly. ..btw.. we finished of the bottle of Pinot Grigio too.

    • I am thinking that the pepper jellies may become more intense as they cure – so it could really perk up that leftover turkey at Thanksgiving! I opened a jar of the Meyer Lemon Ginger Marmalade from July, and it was terrific, mellowed and harmonious. Of course, that is one of my personal favorites, the one I developed for Linda, but it really does age well. Most of the preserves are intended to age at least a couple of days before opening them, so I don’t distribute them until a couple of days after we make them.

  2. ok… so i just made another variation on my favorite brussel sprouts recipe (i am always ripping off/riffing on susan feniger’s yummy brussel sprouts she serves at ‘street’)… tonight i sliced the ‘sprouts’ into thin layers, sauteed them in olive oil (not our great chive olive oil) and then finished them off with white wine (no shallots this time)…. then (instead of goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts) i swirled some cream cheese and some of the plum & chili pepper preserves thru them..and crumbed some bacon on top…. so YUM! even my son nic was wowed!

    • Last night, with just the suggestion that there might be slightly cooler days ahead, I made some simple vegan split pea soup. Dried split peas, a couple of carrots, vegetable broth, a pinch of dried thyme and a bay leaf from Shan, a healthy dash of kosher salt and lots of fresh black pepper and then a drizzle of chive oil instead of the usual chopped onions cooked in. Wonderful, and the chive oil was both fragrant yet more subtle than onions.

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