Co-op shows its savory side

Kristin R shared her bountiful harvest of fresh chives with the Co-op, and also her amazing recipe for chive oil.  It is posted on the recipes tab, and it is just wonderful.  And those lovely bay leaves at the Co-op Swap have been used in several members kitchens, too.  Linda L had some simmering in a pot of chicken soup, while I used them to flavor some lentils.  I only wish I had grown those cucumbers on the side…


8 thoughts on “Co-op shows its savory side

  1. After a couple of emails back and forth with kristin r. to get some input on proportions of chives to olive oil ( a bit less than a cup of chives processed with 2 cups of good quality olive oil) i have my chive oil! planning to use a bit when making home fried potatoes for breakfast this weekend – and with some angel hair pasta with roasted cherry & tear drop tomatoes for sunday lunch- thx kristin, we are quite jazzed at my house about it.

    • you have much more imaginative ideas about how to use it than I did! I am inspired by what you are making with it! Coming up with this recipe was one of those odd experiments in my kitchen that seemed to work – happy everyone likes it so far.

      • That is just one of the wonderful aspects of the Co-op, sharing an ingredient with creative cooks. It makes me think of our grandmothers and great grandmothers, who, when faced with a bushel of one thing, a handful of something else and a bucket of fruit their children found, were inspired by necessity to come up with something to make for the family and extended family, their community. We use what we’ve got, we do not want to waste anything, and we also like to eat well. Sometimes our ‘new’ ideas have been there, just under the surface, waiting for us to be ready to pick them. Just speaking for me, thanks to my grandmother who went fishing to fry the fillets for dinner, plant the fish heads in her garden, and then harvest and make currant jelly – thanks, Nonny!

      • thx – as most of you know from the email i sent out i also made the loveliest eggs scrambled in the clive olive oil this morning; and in the late afternoon i browned and lightly flavored some pre-made chicken meatballs in the oil too. then i put them in chicken broth, added carrots, baby bok choy and udon noodles…also some red pepper flakes and ginger let it simmer and the family ladled soup into bowls as the came home from school or work.
        i know that the oil only lasts (is usabl) for several days…so if there ends up being more chives in the coop basket i’ll make another batch next week!

      • For the tilapia I marinated it for a few hours in a bit of canola oil, a splash of lime juice, a dash of salt and pepper, and some fresh lavender leaves. Here’s the key: Before you cook it (I did it on the grill but in aluminum foil to keep the juices in), make sure you’ve wiped most of the lavender leaves off of the tilapia. Lavender is a very subtle flavor, but tilapia is even more subtle: If the leaves are cooked on the tilapia, the lavender flavor will become overbearing. Enjoy!

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