Co-op is growing!

Welcome new member Mimi D to the Co-op. Today she joined the Co-op with quite an enviable harvest, including a bag of Mexican limes, hot peppers and super juicy oranges.  Her backyard in Studio City is on the alluvial plain, so unlike the rocky soil in the hills, her soil is rich and perfect for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit trees.  She gave me some of her super hot peppers for the Co-op Swap, so if you are a chili-head, be advised. I will be distributing the first bags of our own Co-op mint tea at the swap, so you can swig Co-op iced tea with your Co-op chili dish!

Nichols Canyon Co-op has its main center of operations at my house in Nichols Canyon, but it is not just a neighborhood or community Co-op. So tell your friends, and please give them the link to this site.


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