Herb jellies; mint, rosemary mint, and lavender 9/11/2011

I made a test batch of jellies today for the Co-op to sample. On this very evocative day filled with emotions, it is what I needed to do.  All were made with Jackie G’s  lemons, and those fragrant juicy lemons are a wonderful starting point for preserving.  They are kind of like a delicious blank canvas for me. First I made a mint jelly, using Marina G’s freshly harvested mint.  Then I added some of my own rosemary to the mint infusion for a second version, since Marina had said how she liked the flavor of rosemary with cooked pork and chicken when she came over with her mint harvest. Finally I made an infusion of my own lavender for a lavender jelly.  All of these were made with commercial pectin, so they are sweeter than my own lemon marmalade products.  They will need a couple of days to cure, but I will let you know when to come pick them up from the Co-op basket.  My husband Josh likes the mint/lemon, while I lean towards the lavender.  It is a test batch, so we’ll see what the Co-op members think!

Hamlet act 4 Scene V

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray,
love, remember:


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