Getting ready for our next batch of preserves

Lucy the cat, with our Nichols canyon lemons and mint, makes me think that our next preserve should be a mint jelly.Would that be nice to have on hand for the holiday entertaining that is really right around the corner? Marina has quite a lot of mint right now, and Jackie G just keeps harvesting lemons, so… href=””>


7 thoughts on “Getting ready for our next batch of preserves

  1. yes mint jelly would be great! would the coop be interested in a few flats of strawberries from the farmers market this week or next? the tastiest strawberry season is wrapping up and maybe we could make a strawberry preserve. if so, how many baskets of berries would we need susan? and if we need more would anyone else want to contribute some strawberries too?

    • Lee, strawberries would be terrific. I did have a few strawberry plants with fruit in my backyard, not many at all in my drought tolerant shade garden but enough that I had hoped to make at least a pint jar. Last Friday morning when I looked out about 6:30 a.m., there was a mature buck deer with an impressive 4 point rack of antlers lounging on part of them. He ate all the berries and most of the leaves. He wasn’t afraid of me, but he did meander back up the hill after he saw me. Up here in the hills, we do a lot of sharing. I think I would need 6 baskets for a batch – anyone else want to pick up some, or is anyone lucky enough to have a few strawberries growing?

    • Our lemons here are unique in their variety. Jackie G here in Nichols canyon has a small lemon tree, maybe just 6 feet tall and on the spindly side that produces a good number of Ponderosa lemons. Like the Cartwright family’s ranch (ok, vintage TV references will be limited henceforth), they are really big. I thought it was not just a grapefruit but a pomelo. It is a low acid, regular lemon, just really really big. The ‘lemons’ from Yvonne’s trees turned out to be the most extraordinary limes I have ever tasted. Bright yellow, virtually seedless and the size of a regular lemon, these were extremely aromatic and almost floral. When her next batch is ready, I plan to take one to a friend of mine that is a Master Gardener. I wonder, could it be a new cross between a Meyer lemon and a lime, or even a tangerine and a lime? Intriguing, and marmalade wise, they make everything so very good. And the Meyer lemons? Pure gold…

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