We have more 4 ounce jars – what to put in them?

Thanks to Lee L for finding 4 ounce canning jars at Koontz in W Hollywood. Preserved our way through our first harvest of figs (thanks again, Beata, for climbing up the tree), so now we are waiting for the Nichols Canyon harvest to ripen. Sandy M reports that she does have some, as does Jackie G. I became obsessed with Yvonne A’s limes, ever since I used them in one of the fig recipes. At first I thought they were lemons, as they are large and a ripe bright yellow, but they turn out to be the most distinct, aromatic low acid limes I have ever tried. When Yvonne graciously let me check her trees again, there are no more. (Thanks to my tall son Zeke for thoroughly harvesting that first crop.) When these limes do appear again, I will photograph them so you can see that these are quite unlike anything else. And speaking of something else… does anyone have any kumquats yet?


2 thoughts on “We have more 4 ounce jars – what to put in them?

  1. I have a very strange tree outside my home that was planted in the 50’s, when the home was built: the fruit looks like an orange, but is very sour, like a lemon w/ a hint of tangerine…wonderful for lemonade and fish…
    We could make jam out of it.
    An old man passed one day and told me the name..don’t quit remember…kalancho,kalanga…something like that…
    Any interest?

    • Wow, that is right up the proverbial alley for the Co-op! They are not Meyer lemons? Maybe they are kumquats, which look like a small oblong orange, and the rind is sweet but the interior is acidic. Co-op member Nora G is very familiar and an aficianado of kumquats. as am I , and I have made kumquat preserves and candied kumquats. I used star anise with the candied kumquats, and it was quite tasty. A few of our Co-op members do have kumquat trees that bear fruit, so Nichols Canyon is a favorable micro-climate for the trees.So please drop some off at Co-op HQ, and we will start cooking. This is actually a spot in time wherein we don’t have anything to preserve. Thanks, Shawn!

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