Waiting for the figs…

I am getting the nicest comments about the fig preserves.  For me, the combination of Mission figs with Yvonne’s heirloom limes and a little fresh ginger, splashed with brandy and cooked into jammy bliss really is had to beat.  I use a dash of kosher salt in these as well, which enhances the flavors all round.  Of all my own original recipes, this Fig/Lime/Ginger/Brandy and my Meyer Lemon Ginger Marmalade are my own two favorites.  Well, at least until the next crop ripens.  We hope to have more figs, so shoo the birds away and keep a basket ready.


One thought on “Waiting for the figs…

  1. susan, please ask whoever has the fig tree not only how she/he deals with the birds, and-my worst fig eater-the squirrels. they start taking bites and pulling figs from tree when figs are still quite green (i can only hope they get a belly ache), and by the time figs get ripe, so few are left. my fig tree is v. large here in san mateo, to big to net. good luck, the receipe sounds terrific, fig preserves have been an all time fav here. mom

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